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The Strain API

The Strain API is a free resource containing information on a large variety of marijuana strains including their race, effects, and flavors. Use of this API is free and is encouraged for development purposes. The data does not belong to me and I am not at leisure to grant permission for commercial use.

Getting Started

In order to use The Strain API you need to apply for an API key. Applying for a key is easy and approval is automated. This system is in place only to track usage and try to prevent abuse of the API. Queries are limited on an hourly basis and cap at 3600 queries per hour (1/second).


The base url for making queries to The Strain API is as follows:


Information Queries

Information queries are used for getting information needed for making other queries. For example, getting the list of strains or effects so you know what search parameters are available.

List all Effects


List all Flavors


Search Queries

Search queries are the main type of query and are used to get strain information based on a variety of criteria.

Get all strains (Please use this route sparingly as it is requires a lot of computing power)


Search for strains by name


Search for strains by race (Available races: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid)


Search for strains by effect


Search for strains by flavor


Additional Queries

Some of the search queries only return the strain with basic information and not effects or flavors. These additional queries use the strain id to return its corresponding effect or flavor data.

Get strain descriptions

New Route


Get strain effects


Get strain flavors